Monday, April 27, 2009

The Cashmere Bunny Gives Back

The Cashmere Bunny has always looked for families to donate boxes of goodies to locally. Today we found the perfect family online. We sent a huge gift (over $300 value) to a Mom in need we've never met. We found this person on a blog! Since we do embroidery on layette sets and sometimes have mishaps we have to open another layette leaving pieces of sets left over. We always try to donate these because they are perfectly good items that mothers can use. We do our best to recycle, reuse and donate our items to families that can use them. Know of a family in need? Do you have families in your church, community or school who could benefit? Tell us their story and the next box of goodies could be theirs. Just leave us a post and when we have collected our items we will pick a family from the posts and send them a gift box full of usable items.


  1. I know a family who both parents lost their jobs and they have a baby on the way. Please choose them.

  2. Our community center registers families in need. I saw a family that has two children and one on the way. They could really use this goody box. They were asking for gas coupons also, but I'm sure they could put baby items to good use.Contact us if this family wins. Thanks.