Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A New Gift For Baby

Grow A Tree For Baby

A new spin on a favorite gift basket we have had in the past. The New Grow A Tree For Baby 
gift still has The Giving Tree Book by Shel Silverstein and now comes in a tin that can be personalized with baby's name.
You can also personalize the T-Shirt that our GUND bear is wearing. Comes complete with an apple tree to plant for Baby.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Hooded Towels- Free Shipping and Personalization

 These cute towels are so great for kids. Our Turtle Towel and Crabby Towel are at The Baby Gift Basket Co.

  • Machine washable, and measures approximately 46" x 23.5" (not including hood).
  • Best For 3 Years and Up
  • Comes Gift Boxed
 Check it out today. We are offering free shipping and free personalization!

Monday, August 13, 2012

101 Baby Essential Must Haves

For Baby
1.     Onesies – Minimum of 10-20 to start
2.     Socks – Minimum of 10 pairs to start
3.     Diapers – Newborn and Size 1 Disposable
4.     Cloth Diapers
5.     Cloth Diaper Covers
6.     Back Out Cloth Diaper Cleaner
7.     Disposable Diaper Sacks or Diaper Genie
8.     Wipes
9.     Wipe Warmer
10.  Baby Shampoo
11.  Baby Lotion
12.  Nasal Aspirator
13.  Thermometer (Rectal for newborns and digital)
14.  Bottles – 2oz up to 8oz
15.  Bottle Brushes and drying rack
16.  Formula – Even if you are nursing
17.  Bibs
18.  Diaper Cream
19.  Baby Nail set
20.  Outfits
21.  Buntings
22.  Hats
23.  Receiving Blankets
24.  Footed pajamas
25.  Pacifiers
26.  Bath time Thermometer
27.  Crib Mobile
28.  Burp cloths
29.  Hooded bath towels
30.  Terry Wash Cloths
31.  Swaddle me Blanket
32.  Nubby hangers for clothes
33.  Baby Sunscreen
34.  SPF Hats
35.  Pacifier Wipes – They always drop

            Larger Items for Baby
36.   Car Seat – rear facing for the first few months
37.   Stroller
38.   Front pack for carrying baby or Sling
39.   Play Pen with bassinet for first weeks
40.   Crib
41.   Crib Sheets
42.   Changing table
43.   Dresser
44.   Baby bath
45.   Diaper Bag
46.   Baby Swing or Bouncer
47.   Safety Gates
48.  Grocery Cart Covers
49.  Car seat strap covers
50.  Window shade

For Mom
51.  What to expect the First Year
52.  Nursing Cover Blanket
53.  Nursing Bras at least 3
54.  Breast Pump
55.  Nursing Pads
56.  Breast Milk storage bags
57.  Lanolin for after nursing
58.  Bobby nursing pillow
59.  Baby book for writing down Milestones

As Baby Grows
60.  Bumbo Baby seat
61.  Activity Gym
62.  Tactile Toys
63.  Booster Seat with tray
64.  Plastic spoons and bowls
65.  Sippy cups
66.  Baby food mill (hand crank)’
67.  Healthy Snack Feeder – Netted for safety
68.  Organic Baby Food Cook book
69.  Baby food freeze cube tray
70.  Bumpkins Junior Bibs
71.  Finger Gum brush and paste
72.  Adventure Baby sunglasses
73.  Portable High Chair Covers

Keeping Baby Safe
74.  Door Knob Covers
75.  Toilet Lid Locks
76.  Outlet covers
77.  Cupboard latches
78.  Fireplace and coffee table covers
79.  Stair guard gates
80.  Stove guards
81.  Cool mist humidifier
82.  Tot’s Cozy Crib Tent (for escape artists)
83.  Breathable bumpers for crib
84.  Appliance locks
85.  Bath spout cover
86.  Soft glow night lights
87.  TV, VCR Guards
88.  Flat Screen TV lock secures to wall
89.  Dresser locks secure to wall
90.  Blind Winders – Keeps window blind cords away from baby
91.  Window Guardian – Keeps windows open safe distance

Keeping Baby Well
92.  Infant Tylenol
93.  Mylicon Gas Relief
94.  Teething gel
95.  Colic Homeopathic tablets
96.  Little noses saline drops
97.  Vicks baby bath
98.  Medicine nurser – dispenses medicine easily
99.  Happy Tummy Removable waistband – helps with gas
100.                   Infant massage lotions
101.                   Infant Massage Book or Video

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Gund Comfy Cozies at The Baby Gift Basket Co

Bumble Bee Gund Cozy

Lady Bug Gund Cozy
New Comfy Cozies At The Baby Gift Basket Co.  Personalization is included in the price of this adorable Cozy from Gund.  Complete with satin underneath that babies loves, this gift will truly last for your little one.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interactive Baby Gifts Are A Hit

    Maybe you are in the market for a special and unique baby gift for a baby shower. You might even be searching for something special,- just because. Either way, you will want to take a little time to browse the Internet for the best selection of unique and interactive baby gifts. The Internet beats walk-in stores hands down when it comes to selection and choice. They offer distinct and original products simply not found in stores, for inventory reasons. Many online retailers have the advantage of not having to stock pile inventory. This advantage enables them to offer a wider selection, at often times, lower prices than walk-in stores. Therefore, it would be to your advantage to take a quick second and see what an online baby boutique has to offer in this regard.
Check out The Baby Gift Basket Co for Unique Baby Gifts.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Children's Gifts

The Cashmere Bunny and The Baby Gift Basket Co develop new Children's gifts.

  • Long Leg Puppy Plush With Velcro Arms
  • Puppy Love Book Lisa McCue
  • Walt Disney's Scamp Told by Annie North Bedford
  • The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Sebring Lowrey
  • Super Bounce Ball
  • Playful Puppies Coloring Book
  • Color Pencils
  • Puppy Magnet Painting Craft Kit
  • Book Tote
  • Personalized Ribbon

Every once in a while we need to send a child a gift basket. Why not choose The Baby Gift Basket Company? We have specialized in Baby Gifts for the last 8 years and now are offering Children's gifts.

Come Check us out for Personalized Children's Gifts.