Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 5 Personalised Christening Gifts

A christening is a very special time in the life of a child, as well as in the child's entire family. The occasion marks the dedication of the child's life to the Lord, and is the start of a spiritual journey that will last an entire lifetime. Many times, this momentous event is marked by the giving of a personalized gift to the child that his parents keep for him until he is old enough to appreciate the gesture.

Personal Bible
All people growing up in the Christian faith need a Bible, and few christening gifts will get more use during the child's rearing than a personalized edition of the good book. A unique idea is to purchase different versions of the Bible in the child's faith. Find a young children's version, a teen version and the original, adult version of the Bible of choice. Inscribe each with a note, saying or inspirational poem.

Baby Pillow
A baby pillow is a keepsake the child may be too young to appreciate now, but will love later in life. If you are crafty, embroider or cross stitch a border and simple Biblical picture on a plain white pillow, and make sure to also etch on the name of the child. If crafts are not your thing, order such a pillow from a retailer or online service. These pillows are sometimes displayed in the child's nursery for everyone to see and appreciate.

A cross is a symbol of faith that even the youngest of children recognize. Find or buy a cross for the newly christened child. His parents may hang it in his room, where it will bring him comfort through difficult times. A cross made from gold, silver or crystal may be etched with the child's name and birth date for a special touch.

Baby Shoes
One of the most traditional christening gifts is a personalized set of baby shoes. These shoes are embroidered or painted with the child's name and given to the parents, and the baby, prior to the blessed event. After the baby wears the shoes during the christening, they are generally put away in a keepsake box for presentation when he grows into an adult.

Photo Frame
Help an adult remember his christening by giving a personalized photo frame. Have a metallic or crystal frame engraved with the name of the child, as well as the date of the christening. Include a photo of the baby taken prior to the event, or give the gift after the ceremony using a photo of the baby on that very day. This gift serves as a reminder of how far the adult has come in life, as well as how he has grown in his faith.

A baby is too young to truly appreciate the significance of his christening. Personalized gifts will help him understand, later in life, how he was, and is, loved by those who sought to raise him in line with the Lord.

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