Monday, April 13, 2009

5 reasons NOT to use a Dropshipper in the Gift Business

Why would we write this? Aren't we in the Dropship Business? Exactly, we have used plenty of dropshippers in our time and still use some on other sites we have. The top five reasons listed here are things we've learned the hard way.

1. Do not use a dropshipper if your first contacts with them are undesirable. Contrary to what you might want to believe. People don't generally change. It is the same for businesses. If the dropshipper is too busy to answer you back, return calls or never posts a phone number to begin with....BEWARE. (disclaimer: if you do not receive a response back from an email, please check your spam filters)

2. If you want to control all things in your not use a dropshipping business. You will have to follow their rules, even if they seem unreasonable to you. Why can't a burp cloth be personalized before three weeks time? I'll just sign up for them, I'm sure they don't really mean three weeks..Oh, yes they do. We learned this lesson all too well and decided to offer our own personalization services to be completed within 2-3 business days.

3. Do not get into the "Gifting" business with a dropshipper if you are a procrastinator. Most people are buying gifts online because they want FAST service. Do not wait a week or more to place their order, they probably needed it yesterday. Does your dropship partner offer express shipping? Will they go the extra mile for you if you are stuck? Do they make exceptions for you if you are going to lose the sale? If not, please look around for a better partner company.

4. Do not use a dropship partner for gifts if you have unlimited funds, talents, time and space. Seriously, if you have all these things, you should be making your own gifts. Buy in bulk, do your research, go to trade shows and market your gifts. You will make more money in the end.

5. Do not use a dropship company in the gift business if you cannot afford to lose your clients. Make sure you know for absolutely sure that they do not siphon off your client list. OUCH..this one was our hardest lesson we learned. We spent so much time and money building a client list and then the gifts would ship in the "company" boxes or the catalogs would follow a week or so later, or the labels would say their name on it. Please ask the right questions when partnering up with a business.

We will post more on what to look for in a good company soon...we hope our valuable partners know that we have built our business as Dropship Partners on all that we have learned the hard way. The Cashmere Bunny is commited to excellence and integrity. We want to help you grow your business and help you be successful.

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