Thursday, January 13, 2011

TOP 5 Favorite Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a great way to get together with friends and relatives and honor pregnant women and help her get ready for the birth of her baby. Usually there is a cake and punch, decorations and games. But most importantly there are baby shower gifts. If you are invited to a baby shower and you are not sure what to bring take a look at the top five baby shower gifts.
Most babies start out in zero to three months clothing. They usually need several changes a day so it is helpful to have a good selection of sleepers. The  most popular ones button down the front and have feet in them; Gowns and kimonos  are still wore by some newborns and can be helpful in the middle of the night  when baby needs a new outfit.
Every baby loves to be swaddled in a fresh flannel blanket. Blankets and bedding make wonderful baby shower gifts and the new mother can never have too many of them.
The bouncy seat is a versatile piece of gear that a baby can be strapped in to and they can wiggle and bounce to their hearts content. Some of them have a battery and vibrate and play music to help soothe the new born. Most parents enjoy knowing the baby is in a safe place and they can take a few minutes to shower or catch up on house work.
Diaper cakes are becoming a very popular baby shower gifts. They are not actually a cake, but a gift of diapers made into the shape of a wedding cake.  They are sometimes filled with small gifts. They can also double as the baby shower center piece. Most babies go through a lot of diapers, so a diaper cake is a very welcome gift. A diaper cake is one of the most favorite unique and useful gifts you can give.
Slippers or socks and a new robe are fun to give the new mom to be. Most new mothers enjoy lotions or fun little items to make them feel pampered. It is always appropriate to include a gift for the pregnant mother.

Baby showers are not only for women. Usually you have a different theme if men are to be included.
Baby showers are an American tradition and serve a real purpose of helping get things ready for the new little one. So if you know someone who is expecting, have some fun and have a baby shower.


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