Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Time and Giving Back

What does your family do to give back? Do you have traditions around the holidays or throughout the year? Tonight our family went to the Salvation Army office and helped count Kettles. We have been helping out during the holidays for three years now. It is a fun way to get everyone involved. The kids run the coin machines and transport the kettles back and forth and my husband and I count the bills. There are always staff around and volunteers who are their to help and to train you. They have specific ways to count the money and everyone needs to show up each night so that it can be done efficiently.
Do you think to give to a kettle during this time? Sometimes its hard to remember to bring change or bills to the store when most everything is done by plastic now. We had one volunteer tell us a particular kettle was very heavy. A lady brought 59.00 in change to the kettle and deposited it. It made an impression on everyone at the counting center. Why didn't I think of that? What a great way to give and get rid of your change...Salvation Army puts it to very good use. Bring some change or bills to a kettle near you. You will be "helping those in need, warming hearts and souls, doing the most good"-Salvation Army


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