Thursday, February 19, 2009

What can Children do to help? Be A Hero...

Last night we attended a unique event in Medford, OR. A Sparrow Club "BEATLES" Night with Griffin Creek Elementary. Over 1000 people showed up to support Ty, a Griffin Creek Third Grader. Our children certainly are heroes.... They have earned enough money for Ty to have a Braille Computer on which he has learned to read and write. And now, they are trying to saving enough money and promote Ty's cause for a special eye surgery in Thailand which may be able to give him the gift of sight.

From the Sparrow website:
A Sparrow Project is a unique service-learning activity where a local child in medical crisis is paired with a local school or youth group that "adopt" the child as their "Sparrow" for a semester or school year. Through Project Sponsorship and the Service Voucher system, students are inspired to do community service as a way to raise funds to meet the urgent needs of their child. Additional funds can be raised and designated 100% to help meet the medical and family maintenance needs of the adopted Sparrow.

What have your your children done to be heroes? Children can make a difference and they do...let us know your stories. For more information on Ty visit his website...Hope For Ty

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